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Big thanks from the heart

You are -or recently have been- one of my respected clients and I'd like to thank you a lot for being a customer of Mindful Medicine!


Now that the year is coming to an end, I'd like to thank everyone who came to our practice or who has been involved with us.

Thank you so much for visiting, for being part of the practice family, for showing up and for making the effort to work on your own happiness and health. It's been a huge inspiration to me to meet each one of you and to see you are so willing to improve your health, even though we frequently meet challenging, and sometimes (seemingly) impossible situations.

Your presence makes this practice a vibrant and colorful place; a place where people can come to heal themselves. Thank you so much for contributing!


I also received enormous positive feedback from some of you who left an online review, which makes me even more grateful… so also a big THANK YOU for that! Your opinion is of great value and it motivates me to deliver high quality healthcare, each and every consultation again, to the best of my ability. I'm looking very much forward to continue this in the new year. If you'd also like to give your opinion I would appreciate it tremendously! Your feedback not only improves the practices online visibility but it also helps others to make an informed decision on their health care provider. You can use the link in this post.

Thanks again!!!


During the holidays the practice is closed for a couple of days, but from January 10th we're open again (with a brand new reception!) If you like to make an (follow-up) appointment, please e-mail us. We'll always reply, but during the holidays a little less frequent than usual.


Lastly, have a wonderful, relaxed and bright Christmas, have a happy and healthy start of the new year, and if that's is a bit difficult, I'm of course here to help.

Hope to see you in soon again in 2024!

Mindful Medicine Amsterdam
Thankful for this past year!

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